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Child Custody A to Z

Winning with Evidence

"Help!" is the first word a parent yells when faced with a child custody battle. Author Guy White cuts through and captures the essence of how child custody cases are won and lost.

Child Custody A to Z navigates you through the flawed system of justice. Evidence is the most overlooked aspect of a child custody case.

This book explains and addresses:

  • How to choose an attorney
  • How to impeach court experts
  • How to gather evidence
  • How to expose a personality disorder
  • How to investigate your case

Child Custody A to Z is replete with case studies that tell the real story of the controversial game of child custody. There is no substitute for preparation. White reveals judges, attorneys and court experts for their bias and incompetence. The author takes you through the step-by-step formula for winning with evidence.

Child Custody Book

"This book is the child custody handbook for parents who truly have their children's best interest in mind."  -- D. E.

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